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OffTopic / Beatiful latinas pussy !!!
« en: 20 de Septiembre de 2017, 17:21:41 pm »
"So," I began, my heart racing, "Do you like guys, too?"Buford smirked at the sight of her pokies, then went on with his story: "Before I reached for the funnel, I took another look at those enchanting lips. They obviously wanted to play, peeking out at me like that, and suggesting to me that they would be a helluva lot more fun to use than any old stick to clean off my boots. I couldn't argue with that, so I tried to stick the toe of my boot between them, to part them a little so I could get a better view. When I did that, you squirmed and spread your legs enough for me to get the toe in between them and then press down on them and spread them apart until they lay flat. They had blossomed beautifully, opening up like the petals of a flower. They looked so open and inviting, splayed out like that, and were just begging me to use them.""Ask me to do it," Cassidy replied, color filling her cheeks. She was getting turned on by this.Tiffany smiled back. "I wanted to thank you for seeing to it that I got fed this past year." She had gotten into some financial difficulties; and Buford had been willing to help her out, for a price.
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"Actually, it makes me horny thinking of men standing in line to fuck me," Kelly said with a laugh."Oh, it's freezing out there. C'mon in." Anne stepped back and waved them inside. Stomping the snow from their boots, they entered to greetings called out by both Kent and I from across the room. Anne closed the door as the cold draft swept through to the kitchen.With every submission, he grew weaker.Tiffany looked down and smiled. "I wonder what she would have thought if I had told her that my boyfriend, or maybe I should say 'my boyfriends', was a pair of old boots." She laughed and shook her head. "No, I didn't tell her that you were using my pussy to clean your boots because the lips are so soft and silky and protect your boots from damage even when you have to apply enough pressure to remove the grit and any stuck-on gunk from the soles."

OffTopic / Amazing latinas fat !
« en: 20 de Septiembre de 2017, 12:09:47 pm »
"I take it that she isn't a virgin anymore then?" Tom asked.The blonde laughed at something the other said, then delivered a swift slap to the other’s ass, causing her to lean with both hands on the railing with a grin before turning around for a long, passionate kiss. Ruth bit her lip, trying to imagine the sensation, to imagine the details of the scene taking place. Were they lovers, or strangers who had just gone to bed for the first and last time?She took my hand again, pushing her lip out into a pout. "Please, Kim? One dance?""You're joking!" Tom said with a laugh. "Why, she's still in high school. I could get in trouble for that."
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The girls lay with their heads at opposite ends of the rug, which put Kent and me elbow-to-elbow, parallel to each other. Now and then we glanced up from pleasuring each other's wives to flash a satisfied grin, acknowledging our good fortune. Presently, I snaked my left hand up along Janet's supple form to fill my palm with her soft, ample breast. Her nipple was stiff to my touch. Not as large as Anne's were, nevertheless an indicator of her pleasure. Jan was bucking and grinding her hips now. Though she was slower to reach orgasm than Anne, I sensed an earthquake growing within her, as small trembling spasms came closer together. I tried to motion with my head for Kent to play with Anne's nipples, something she dearly loves, but Jan clutched my skull too tightly to do more than move my eyes. Kent's eyes narrowed in confusion, not understanding my meaning. With my free hand, I grabbed his right wrist and moved it towards Anne's lovely, pert tits. In doing so, I turned slightly on my left side, allowing my stiff erection to spring free from beneath me. Anne had been alternately pulling Kent's hair and ears, and caressing my bottom, back and thighs. She had been touching me when I turned, so her hand slipped and made contact with my hard cock.----------When Cassidy went for drinks at one point late in the evening, two guys at the bar sidled up to either side of her and started chatting her up. Whatever they said worked like a charm, and Cassidy was soon laughing and patting the taller of the two guys on the arm. The twinkle was back in her blue eyes, and she looked like she was soaking up the attention."Oh, fuck yes!" Doug screamed as a huge spurt of cum shot across Jenna's stomach and landed between her small tits.

OffTopic / Hot black fat .
« en: 19 de Septiembre de 2017, 14:47:59 pm »
Brist blinked. He could feel his orgasm rising again, but there was something disturbing about all this. So despite all the programming in him, he reached up and delicately—his lips were still erotically sensitive and ticklish—pulled out the vine."Sure," I said."So do you. And I'm glad we let you come here."She placed a hand softly on my shoulder and nestled her head against my arm. Her red hair tickled the side of my body, but after a few, short, deep breaths she seemed to be fast asleep.
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He looked at her with wide, desperate eyes. Did he? Was that why? Was he that weak?After a while, we decided to enter the club itself where to my chagrin I discovered the dress code banned bikinis, so if any of the young lovelies from the beach wanted in they would have to get dressed. My disappointment was short-lived as once inside it was apparent the club didn't require a lot of clothing, just not bathing suits.Quickly taking it in her hand, she began pumping it slowly and I felt a surge of heat flow through me at the look of pure lust on Jenna's face. Her tongue ran slowly over her lips and I held my breath as she lowered her head. Doug moaned softly as her full soft lips wrapped around the tip of his cock and it disappeared between them. I heard Jenna moan in her throat and Doug gasped as with no warning she began sucking his cock fast and hard. My eyes widened at how well she was taking him deep into her throat and I recalled her saying if her parents only knew half of what she did.Jenna shook her head and laughed. "The only thing I want in my mouth is you guys." As Doug and I exchanged a "Are we dreaming?" glance, Jenna laughed and exclaimed, "And no way am I sitting down. I'll meet you in the bedroom!"

OffTopic / Hot african BBW !
« en: 19 de Septiembre de 2017, 13:23:34 pm »
"Oh, it's so nice," she said when she had extricated his cock from his pants, her hand wrapped around it. "Can I suck on it for a little while?""You're incredible, Kelly," John laughed as he pedaled behind her, watching the action of her ass as she continued to stimulate herself on the bicycle seat.His nose twitched. He... smelled something. Something pleasant. And his heart sank as he recognized it.Not without Elly's permission, anyways.
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I could hear the crackle and snap of the newly kindled fire, and a quick sideways glance revealed Anne nowhere to be seen on the love seat. I figured she was up to something with Kent, probably giving him his reward for starting the fire.She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to."Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked.John pounded his cock into her, over and over and over, feeling a great sense of ecstasy as he pushed in and out of his sister's willing and warm pussy. He could feel her heels pressed into his back as he pressed his body to hers. The feelings were almost beyond bearing as he drilled his cock into her over and over again. After almost 20 minutes of non-stop fucking he finally felt his balls begin to contract, letting him know that the party was almost over. He thrust and thrust until he felt himself go over the edge, then he pulled his peter from his sister's pussy and crawled up her body until he was able to slide it into her open mouth as he mentally strained to hold his cum back.

OffTopic / Nice negro fat !
« en: 18 de Septiembre de 2017, 12:23:59 pm »
She pushed me onto my back, straddled my waist, and with her hand, guiding my cock into her very tight, very wet pussy. My wife put on a rather erotic show for our hosts, tossing her hair and riding me enthusiastically. Kent obviously thought this looked like a good idea, and maneuvered his wife onto the rug beside me. Kent lifted Janet's ankles to his shoulders, and penetrated her receptive pussy in one practiced movement. Kent and Anne fucked Janet and I side by side for several long minutes. Several times they leaned towards one another, exchanging passionate kisses between them. Jan and I held hands, watching them."You do everything fast?" I asked as I walked up the stairs towards her."I understand you could help me pay back your father a bit for being such a shit," he said out of the blue to John.I received another sign things could go our way as the high-tempo dance mix ended and a slower mix with a nice sensual beat came on. Without hesitating, I stepped up, put my hands on her hips, and began swaying seductively. Becca gave me one of those precious nervous giggles and moved along with me. I leaned in close and her blue eyes widened as our breasts pressed together. It was everything I could do to hold back a moan at the contact, especially when I noticed my nipples weren't the only ones that were hard.
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Becca gave me a big smile and turned around, leaning back into me with an eagerness that had me hoping she would be as eager for Doug as she appeared to be for me. My thoughts were cut off as her firm ass pressed into my stomach. Imitating me, she reached back with both hands and grabbed my ass. This time, I couldn't stifle my pleasure and moaned directly into her ear. She squeezed my ass again and slid back and forth rubbing her back across my aching tits. I reached around as she had done and ran my hands up her sides."That's a good idea," Tom said. "Why don't we say 8:00 tomorrow night at my office, okay?""Tell me about 'a few hours', and the big parties, too." Kent asked, eagerly."$1,000.00?"

OffTopic / Hot negro fat !!!
« en: 18 de Septiembre de 2017, 12:12:37 pm »
"This. Sit around and talk...and recover." I said.The third fairy was flitting around her, giggling like mad. She had an enormous feather almost twice her height, and was currently using it to tickle Ia's soles and toes. The catgirl had turned her feet into erogenous zones, and Ia gasped and whined at every little touch, every feathery caress. Just the feather alone could bring her to a hundred desperately-needed, humiliating orgasms, she knew. If only Elly would allow it. If only Elly would call her a good girl.In the meantime, Tiffany almost wished her nipples didn't hurt so much; but, since she thought that having pain-wracked paps was her just reward for having killed those poor wasps, she felt she really had no cause for complaint. If anything, Tiffany felt she deserved to do even more penance for her misdeeds."Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be to that comment.
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"God, I can't believe it," Kelly said, her eyes wide. "What did you tell him to convince him?"I pulled my head back so there was a line of cum between us and then eagerly slurped it back until our sticky lips were pressed together again."Not at all?" John asked.I got comfortable on the love seat and Chris said he was going to get the next round of drinks ready. Chris returned with four glasses of wine and took his place on the couch. We waited about fifteen minutes, but it seemed like hours, when the ladies returned. They exited one of the smaller bed rooms looking even sexier than they were. Both were wearing similar outfits just in different colors. The ladies were wearing satin corsets that were of the shelf-bra style with only support to hold up their beautiful breasts. The bottom of the corset ended at the top of their waist showing that neither woman was wearing any underwear showing their bald pussies. Melissa had thigh high boots with six inch heels and Lynn was still wearing her black stiletto pumps. Lynn let her reddish brown should-length hair down and flowed nicely to the top of her shoulders. Melissa’s light brown hair was pulled back into a pony-tail in the center of the back of her head… I looked at my wife and told Chris how lucky he was that he got to fuck Melissa and now was going to fuck my wife. He echoed the same to me and we “clinked” our wine glasses together toasting the evening. The ladies approached their lover for the night and took a sip of wine from Chris and my glass foregoing their own then straddling our laps as they began to kiss us lustfully. Melissa and I began to kiss deeply allowing our tongues to plunge and dance in the other’s mouth. We kissed and felt each other up. I got my first chance to play with her “augmented” breasts. I fondled, licked and sucked Melissa’s amazing tits enjoying the taste and feel of a new lover as well as the sounds she made as I did my best to pleasure her. In the few moments where I wasn’t completely lost in what Melissa and I were doing, I saw and heard that Lynn was fully enjoying herself too. Chris and Lynn looked more like long-time lovers instead of a couple together for the first time.

OffTopic / Hot african fat ???
« en: 17 de Septiembre de 2017, 13:57:12 pm »
"Oh, my God!" she exclaimed. "You want me to..."—her eyes grew even wider—"do both of you?""I just wanted to know if you thought I was worth $1,000.00," Kelly said to his back as he exited the water."Because of you, silly," she said. "All I could think of was this beautiful peter you have, and I knew that Jimmy's wouldn't make me happy tonight.""She's been giving it some thought. She said she'd like to give it a try sometime, she just never said when. Why, is there a problem?" Kent asked.
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I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never.It did not tickle. It did not move. It didn't even rest there; it just touched the clit once, then left."Oh, god, this is so good," Kelly said, taking nice long strokes as she fucked her brother. "I've seen him give me the look before," she panted, increasing the pace.I made it to the men's room and was relieved to find the small space empty. Then I waited nervously in front of the sink for what felt like 20 minutes. I paced a little. Then I looked down at my watch. Only 45 seconds had gone by since I entered the stairwell. I paced a little more, for what felt like five minutes. I looked back at my watch. 65 seconds had passed. Cassidy wasn't coming, I had told her to wait only one minute.

OffTopic / Amazing black BBW !
« en: 17 de Septiembre de 2017, 13:34:57 pm »
I heard footsteps cross the floor towards the sound of Anne's voice."Yeah, I suppose I would," Tom replied. "Even though he's really my best friend, he needs to learn a lesson. Why, do you know something I don't?""Tell me what?" I asked warily."Arrogant!" Tom muttered, picking up his golf bag. "Come on, John, I really do have a pile of stuff to move."
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"Just hear me out for a second," she began, leaving her food and walking into the living room, "and like I said, no pressure if you think it's crazy."There was no holding back from that and after several more thrusts that caused Jenna to scream and the bed to shake, Doug pulled his cock from inside her. I immediately grabbed it and began pumping it hard and fast."Nuh-uh!" Elly shoved the runerod into herself, gasping faintly as it visibly vibrated inside her. "You wanna feel this way forever, I bet, 'cause you're so smart!"It took them about an hour to handle all the lumber that needed to be moved and then Tom got two beers and gave one to John, sitting down with him under some trees in the back yard.

OffTopic / Crazy black pussy ?
« en: 17 de Septiembre de 2017, 01:58:46 am »
"Oh, how's that?" John asked, unable to avoid smiling."Because I'm dating all the best looking boys and none of them even come close to you," she replied."I understand," I responded, and quickly decided to take her up on her offer. "Let me... go to my room an I'll call you when I'm ready.""Me too," John agreed. "Night, mom," he said, kissing her on the cheek. God he was thinking their mother looked as good as Kelly, and his cock started getting hard again just thinking about it.
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"I won't, mom," Kelly assured her. "I promise."She stared back at him, purring loudly. "Mew," she said sweetly, wriggling her hips around his shaft."You're joking!" Tom said with a laugh. "Why, she's still in high school. I could get in trouble for that.""Becca."

OffTopic / Amazing really black pussy ?
« en: 17 de Septiembre de 2017, 01:22:55 am »
"Oh, god, this is so good," Kelly said, taking nice long strokes as she fucked her brother. "I've seen him give me the look before," she panted, increasing the pace.She scrambled up the embankment and John was treated to the sight of her ass and pussy from behind as he moved up the bank."Yay!" Jenna cried out. "Let's go!""We'd better get home," Kelly said suddenly. "It looks like you'll be able to walk now," she said, seeing that his cock had relaxed substantially since he had cum.
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"Kelly, I don't think you're a whore, maybe a high-class call girl."Her eyes narrowed but with a shrug she answered. "Sure, I usually fool around with guys. It's just girls, sometimes." She gave me a big smile. "They make me cum harder."The paintbrush fell away from her breast. Ia let out a shuddering sigh of relief. She didn't care anymore. She would say whatever this horrid, wonderful creature wanted, do whatever she wanted, be whatever she wanted. She'd tried lying, tried faking it, tried denying it. Elly knew. Elly always knew.A thoughtful look crossed Cassidy's pretty face as she said, "Where are we going to put this?"

OffTopic / Wet latinas fat .
« en: 15 de Septiembre de 2017, 00:07:56 am »
Buford grinned again. "My pleasure."Cassidy hesitated just a second before saying, "Okay.""So who would you market me to?" Kelly asked, excited that she was having this discussion with her brother."I thought you were just teasing me," Kelly said, staring at him. "You really mean that though? And besides, when we were little we would play with each other, don?t you remember?"
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"OK, OK! They get the picture!" She interrupted."I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled.He imagined advancing on the slut. Her ass was practically being presented for him like a target. What if he just stepped up and gave her...?"You're incredible, Kelly," John laughed as he pedaled behind her, watching the action of her ass as she continued to stimulate herself on the bicycle seat.

OffTopic / Beatiful ebony BBW ?
« en: 14 de Septiembre de 2017, 23:40:17 pm »
The two ladies cleaned off their breasts and took their positions next to Chris and I. I was surprised at how eager my wife was to allow someone else go down on her. Lynn spread her legs wide open and pulled her tiny bikini bottom to the side and Chris dove straight in. I watched in anticipation waiting to see how my wife was going to react. Watching her take pleasure in what Chris was doing to her was an unexpected pleasure in itself. There I was standing up watching my wife getting her pussy eaten out by another man and I found myself caught in a trance, so much so, I hadn’t realized that Melissa had removed her bottom and sat on the edge of the lounge chair. She grabbed my hand and called me to give her some attention. I looked at Melissa and she was absolutely hot and waiting for my attention. I got on my knees and positioned myself between her legs looking at her bald and pierced pussy. Her vulva lips were a bit bigger than Lynn’s but it was the piercing that really caught my attention. She had a barbell pierced through the fleshy part above her clitoris. I slowly made my way to her pussy and just before I tasted her, I closed my eyes recalling the smells that I enjoyed in the panty that she had exchanged with Lynn.Tiffany laughed. "Yes, I'm sure you enjoyed it a bit more than I did." She reached for the gift-wrapped package on the passenger's seat. "I brought you this.""Mmm, you like that," she encouraged. "What else can I do to get you to pop?""I want that!" Jenna moaned. "Oh, please fuck me like that! Please Doug? I'll be....oh!"
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Wait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationThen he frowned. "But first I need to get hard again." He nodded towards his flaccid tool, dr*ped over his thigh."So, how about we get in our cars and I meet you back at your place and we have fun?" She gave me a huge smile. "It's the weekend and my folks are away. I could even spend the night. Wouldn't that be fun? You guys don't do that, but you could with me! Hmm, that would be nice sleeping between the two of you.""I'm coming," I said, rising to my feet while continuing to stroke my eager cock.

OffTopic / Crazy black bodies !
« en: 14 de Septiembre de 2017, 12:40:29 pm »
The music changed to a ballad. Sliding her arms down around my waist, Jenna rocked back and forth in time to the slow beat. My hands on her arms, I tried not to think of how soft and smooth she was."I don't," John said, diving into the water and swimming back to the embankment."Hey!" a voice called out directly behind me.Suddenly I realized everyone was looking at me rather expectantly, as if it were my turn to push the envelope. I looked around the table hurriedly, intending to stay with the food theme. The salad contained sliced olives. Perfect! I plucked a round, black circle from my plate. Holding it between my thumb and forefinger, I peered through the hole at Janet. I looked her over, as if performing an examination, before I focused on her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the damp material. I leaned across the table and hooked one finger in the right cup on her bra, and slowly pulled it down. Jan pushed her breasts at me, and one of her perfectly formed tits fell into my hand. I glanced at Kent and Anne.
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"Does this bother you?" She asked, innocently."You two help me clean up first," Karin said. "I assume you have a date tonight?" she asked Kelly.A bimbo who had been a good girl. And that was all she needed to be.Okino wondered if Ytheri had ordered her to cook something up for them. That would explain it. Nobody could resist anything Ytheri wanted.

OffTopic / Crazy african bodies .
« en: 14 de Septiembre de 2017, 11:24:52 am »
"Well I do," I replied."Of course." He said charmingly.Then he frowned. "But first I need to get hard again." He nodded towards his flaccid tool, dr*ped over his thigh.Doug was now lying across her waist, his cheek resting on her mound. With a smile, he slid his tongue out and began licking her pink nub. I watched excitedly as my husband licked Jenna's pretty pink pussy, then added my tongue beneath her clit as he licked the top.
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"Jesus, Kelly," John breathed, staring at her. "That's asking a lot.""Basically, yeah. Most guys aren't as thick as Lee." She looked at me."We better go, Kelly," John advised, again checking his watch once more."Oh great! I have a HUGE favor to ask," she responded. Now I was sure from her speech that she had been drinking.

OffTopic / Nice ebony BBW .
« en: 14 de Septiembre de 2017, 03:23:24 am »
I didn't try to hold onto her. As my arms slid from her shoulders, she pointed at me. "So...So you want me to come home with both of you?" She looked back at Doug, and then asked, "You want me to let him watch?""Your..." The frown grew bigger and I felt my stomach lurch. "Husband? You're married?"Buford laughed. "Going to get corked, are you? Sounds like fun."His eyes widened. "Mm-mm!" he protested.
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His knees were quaking. Run, he tried to tell himself. I can't take her. She'll melt me like butter.I glanced over. A wave of indecision passed through me when the girl stood and slung her purse over her shoulder. "I think she is leaving!""Uh, are you, you know, doing it with lots of different guys?" John asked. Now he was absolutely certain that she wasn't wearing any panties.Her face dropped so abruptly that I almost regretted asking the question. Her eyes shied away from mine, and she wrapped her arms around herself. Eventually she admitted, "Yes, once. I tried this once before, that's where the rules came from."

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